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Anonymous: I've been vegeterian for 7 years and since march I started eating more vegan food. But latley I've been wondering why I'm not eating any animal products. It so hard and stressful to not eat thar because I have to cook all my food and do all the shopping and it takes a lot of energy. I’ve been diagnosed with MS and I’m scared that I’ll make it worse if I don’t eat animal products. Do you have any tips on what I can do?

That is a tricky situation. Personally, I find it empowering (that’s the best term I can think of) to be in control of my diet. But then I can definitely understand that it can be tiring & awkward at times, especially with a condition such as MS.

I am not in any way qualified to give you diet advice, & it would be very irresponsible to do so in relation to a medical condition. I would definitely encourage talking to your doctor or nutritionist about it.

A quick search of MS & veganism gets you a few links to a few arguments for & against, talking about how it eases some symptoms (& some advise you to avoid dairy & red meat anyhow), some calling it unhelpful/harmful (some nutritionists are not fond of the vegan diet at all).
I really don’t feel comfortable giving anyone advice on nutrition, & in a situation as delicate as this, I would definitely talk to a trust worthy & qualified source, there are dietitians/nutritionists who specialise in this (but as I say make sure they’re trustworthy!).

I’m sorry I can’t be of any help, but best wishes! x

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